Jazzo Meditative Aerobics

Jazzo Meditative Aerobics is a non-exclusive movement therapy that is a continuous wave of high and low states of energy connecting musical and physical art forms where a greater self awareness and personal style are created by the individual. Within the practice of Jazzo a new form of movement exercise, meditation and entertainment is designed by use of a simple movement formula or pattern that can be replicated throughout the class for ease of transitions and contrasting vocabulary. The founder of Jazzo and Jazzo Meditative Aerobics, named Mimoda, describes this as an art that “takes the physical form of music” and consequently “paints the music”. You are the creator and designer in this class; your movement will promote self awareness and lead you into a unique personal style.

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Free Admission - First Class
Following Classes: $10 per 60 min Session 


Tuesday @ 8p
Sunday @ 7p


5772 West Pico Blvd. 
Entrance thru Paper or Plastik Cafe


Paper or Plastik Cafe MiMoDa Jazzo

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