Dance Jazzo, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, offers Jazzo R&R (return & recover), a program designed for members of the community who have chosen a life of fellowship, sobriety and self body-and-mind management through movement, dance therapy and collaborative performance. Jazzo R&R offers individuals with weekly Jazzo classes with opportunities to perform at our studio in the heart of Los Angeles.

Dance Jazzo is seeking individuals to participate in Jazzo R&R with the option to commit to periodical performances.

Jazzo Class Weekly Schedule
Sunday: 6 PM (open)
Tuesday: 8 PM (open)
Thursday: 6 PM (closed to R&R program)

All classes and performances are located at:
Mimoda Studio @  5774 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90019
(Enter through Paper or Plastik Café)


The Jazzo R&R Program: Jazzo as dance without technique, Jazzo as an anti-anxiety activity.

Jazzo In Slow Motion 
(meditative aerobics)
Relax without stopping.

Jazzo RhythmoTherapy (cardio movement)
Dance Hard.

Jazzo Floor Work (support & resistance workout)


About Jazzo
JAZZO IS A DANCE WITHOUT TECHNIQUES. Jazzo is a dance methodology, movement language, and open-source technique that allows individuals to explore their own personal dance styles and discover their own creative potential. Through the form of performing arts, Jazzo brings people together – it’s a fusion of going out and working out! Created by Yasha J. Michelson, Jazzo is a fundamental component of Jazzo Bodysophy, a health and wellness system that integrates Jazzo in to the six-principle ideology of New Bodysophy.

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