Theater Jazzo

Theater Jazzo (aka Mimoda Jazzo) is the resident performing company of Mimoda Studio, led by Studio owner and Jazzo founder Yasha J. Michelson. Jazzo is a blend of movement and pantomime. It combines the gestural language of mime and the expressive movement vocabulary of dance.

The company practices movement techniques created by Michelson, including Jazzo Aesthetics and Emotional Biomechanics.

Catch a Theater Jazzo performance weekly at the Music@Mimoda live concert series every Wednesday night, featuring multi-faceted performances in collaboration with both local and international artists of all mediums.

The Company also stages performances of an on-going and developing piece, entitled Retro-Futuristic Hallucinations of Theater Jazzo.

Check out the Events page for upcoming performance dates.

Paper or Plastik Cafe MiMoDa Jazzo

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